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Our Approach

The timeline below provides a step-by-step view of how our services
intersect with your project’s journey.

The very first step of our approach is to make sure you’re using the right tools and platform for your project.

What happens in this step:

  • We will evaluate your project requirements
  • We will audit your current infrastructure and codebases to match your goals
  • We will recommend best tools and third party services for your project

In this step we will finalise the flow for development phase of your project and setup the workstation and required third party tools.

What happens in this step:

  • The inception of your project
  • Installation of tools and setup the workstation
  • Work on visual and functional side of your project
  • Product and penetration testing

Once the whole product has been tested in development, we prepare for the launch and show off to the world!

What happens in this step:

  • Deployment to your live server
  • Final check and launch
  • Agile optimisation as needed
  • Post-launch evaluation

Once the product is launched and steady, we shift our focus on the business, marketing, maintenance side to make it reaches the targeted goals.

What happens in this step:

  • Ongoing support
  • Updates and 24/7 backup management
  • Platform management and future releases
  • Promotion and social media optimisation

Our Masterstrokes