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High Performance Web Hosting

Powerful cPanel hosting for your best web hosting experience

With web servers well above the industry standards in UK, Kuroit provides affordable, premium yet best web hosting in UK for any website.


Best suited for one or more basic websites, includes cPanel, Free SSL and offsite backups.


£1.25/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term


Optimised for blazing fast WordPress hosting experience, packed with server level caching.


£6.95/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term


Supercharged to handle the custom needs of PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii and more.


£6.95/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term


Made for demanding needs of business websites by providing dedicated resources.


£12.50/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term

All-In-One Web Hosting Solution

All our hosting plans include

From shared hosting to elite business hosting, all of our web hosting plans are packed with industry standard hosting apps and features.

Litespeed Web Server

Lightning fast server as standard on all our shared, managed and wordpress hosting plans for 6 times better performance.


Control every aspect of your web hosting account using cPanel which is provided as standard on all hosting packages.

1-Click Installer

Our web hosting plans fully support WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and over 150 free apps, with 1-Click Installer. Simply click and install.

DDoS Protection

Every website is behind a network shielded by Corero Always-On mitigation with protection levels well above the industry standard in the UK

Malware Scanning

Every file on your website is monitored 24x7 for changes. If we detect any malware or a virus, the file will automatically move to Quarantine.

Migration Service

Our team will migrate your existing website quickly, seamlessly and free of charge. We'll switch your website hosting to us within 24 hours.

Affordable cPanel reseller hosting

Fully managed cPanel reseller hosting to start your own web hosting business with premium servers based in UK.


Best suited for one or more basic websites, includes cPanel, Free SSL and offsite backups.


£6.95/mo with 3-year term

Fully managed wordPress hosting

Supercharge your WordPress website with our web servers optimised for blazing fast WordPress hosting.

Affordable WordPress Hosting Plans

Superfast Virtual Private Servers In UK

High-performance VPS hosting

Powerful, true-value, SSD VPS hosting powered by Premium Intel Servers equipped with 120Gbps DDoS Protection & KVM virtualization, located in heart of United Kingdom.

Plan AVA-1
1 vCPU
1 GB
1 TB
£3.00/mo Order Now
Plan AVA-2
1 vCPU
2 GB
2 TB
£5.00/mo Order Now
Plan AVA-3
2 vCPU
4 GB
3 TB
£10.00/mo Order Now
Plan AVA-4
3 vCPU
6 GB
4 TB
£15.00/mo Order Now

2 months FREE with 1 or 2-year term and 20% OFF with 3-year term!

Email Hosting UK

Keep your business email everywhere with you!

With our reputed email hosting, you dont need to buy third-party email service to keep your emails in Inbox.

Powerful managed cPanel hosting

Fully managed cPanel hosting to satisfy the demanding needs of your custom business websites.

Managed cPanel Hosting Plans UK

Secure and Reliable Web Hosting

Choose the best web hosting home for your website

Premium security, regular softwares updates and enterprise level applications are standard on all our servers and web hosting packages.


For balanced and dedicated CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits.


Easy-to-use control panel to manage your websites.

Cage FS

Protect your files and data with virtualised isolation system.


Provides complete protection against attacks and self-learning firewall.


6 times better performance than regular apache web server.

Higher I/O Resources

Reach maximum speed and performance with upto 60Mbps I/O.

Best Web Hosting in UK

Web Hosting Support By Pros

Why Kuroit for your web hosting?

Whether you need a basic website or high demanding business app, our every plan is tailored to your specific needs with true value pricing.

No Setup Fee or Contracts

We don't charge hidden fees with any of our plans and don't ask for any contracts. You will pay for what you see.

24/7 UK Based Support

Our dedicated hosting UK support team works around the clock, including bank holidays.

True Value Pricing

Kuroit’s Web Hosting pricing remains the same year after year. You don't have to pay any extra renewal fees.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our hosting platform is designed for reliability and performance that’s why we offer a 99.9% network and uptime guarantee.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

When selecting a web hosting plan, keep in mind the important factors.

Determine Your Website Requirements

Before choosing a hosting plan for your website, determine what kind of website you want to create and what its requirements are? Prioritise a hosting plan that will meet those needs.

Check the Availability of Server Location

With Hosting provider that has servers located in multiple locations around the globe, you can expand your reach. Kuroit has servers in different regions of the world - United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany.

Backup Options

All websites are at risk from cyber attacks, so it's important to stay vigilant to prevent them. Kuroit offers hourly, daily or weekly backups depending on the hosting plans you choose from us.

Technical Support

You may obtain a web hosting plan with all the features you need, but if you can't get help when something goes wrong, it won't matter. Kuroit offers 24/7 technical support - email, phone, chat, and so on. Our supportive staff solve the website problems faster and more effectively.

Frequently asked questions:

Web hosting is a file storing service provided by web hosts (Like Kuroit) that gives disk space on a web server so you can upload the files to make your website accessible on the world wide web (Internet).

Web hosts provide shared or dedicated resources along with the space so your websites can work dynamically. You’re usually required to buy a domain name and link it to the web server before your website is made available on the internet.

Shared web hosting is one of the most common and most popular web hosting option where a web hosting provider hosts multiple websites on one web server, sharing the same resources with all of the websites. 

Shared web hosting is usually the most economical yet provides customers with stable and reliable web hosting experience. Shared hosting is mostly regarded as the starting point for anyone starting their presence on the internet.

We offer four different shared hosting plans:
Shared Hosting – Starter
Shared Hosting – Basic
Shared Hosting – Pro
Shared Hosting – Maximum

You can check all our shared hosting plans here.

With managed web hosting, the web host is responsible for the setup, administration, management, updating, and supporting the server and all the websites on it.

Managed web hosting is the best option between a shared web hosting and a dedicated server, which usually requires expertise of server admins for the management and regular maintenance of the server.

Managed web hosting is best for customers wanting to focus solely on their business rather than worrying about security and performance of their websites.

We offer four different managed hosting plans:
Managed Hosting – Basic
Managed Hosting – Pro
Managed Hosting – Enterprise
Managed Hosting – Elite

You can check all our managed hosting plans here.

Similar to managed web hosting, WordPress hosting is managed web hosting service provided by a web host specially optimised for WordPress websites. However WordPress web hosting is not limited to managing the server side but WordPress itself too.

WordPress web hosting includes everything that a managed web hosting offers and has additional benefits such as automatic WordPress Core, WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugin updates.

We offer four different WordPress hosting plans:
WordPress Hosting – Basic
WordPress Hosting – Pro
WordPress Hosting – Enterprise
WordPress Hosting – Elite

You can check all our wordpress hosting plans here.

Unlike shared web hosting, Kuroit provides dedicated resources on business web hosting to fulfil the demanding needs of a heavy business website.

Business web hosting is similar to having your own virtual private server (VPS Hosting) which provides dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, I/O limits but managed with cPanel installed.

We offer four different Business hosting plans:
Business Hosting – Startup
Business Hosting – Agency
Business Hosting – Enterprise
Business Hosting – Elite

You can check all our business hosting plans here.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, as the name suggests is a hosting service that utilise the virtualisation technology such as Virtualizor to provide customers with dedicated private resources in isolation by virtually creating small servers on a dedicated server.

Kuroit provides unmanaged VPS hosting in UK and USA for customers wanting full root access to the server unlike shared or managed hosting where access is limited to cPanel only.

You can check all our vps hosting plans here.

There are many factors to decide which web hosting option is the best for you.

If you’re just starting out and looking for economical service, then Shared web hosting is best for you.

If you have a website with heavy traffic but you don’t want to worry about security, speed and performance, then Managed web hosting is right choice.

For WordPress websites, our optimised WordPress web hosting is the perfect choice.

If you’re still unsure, please call or chat with our support team through our live chat service, We’re available 24/7.

Our dedicated website hosting solutions are purposely created to improve the performance of your website and provide you with the web tools you need to build and manage your website.

Get the best web hosting support that you deserve!

We pride ourselves to offer one of the best web hosting support in the industry, as we offer application level support as well.

We have dedicated team of server experts as well as experienced developers to look at your apps when needed. So no more "check your code" copy pasted replies!

Affordable Web Hosting Support