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Speedy Windows RDP servers from 5GBP/mo.
Available in more than 10 locations in the world.

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Deploy Windows Servers in 60 seconds INSTANTLY!

Our VPS Hosting Plans

Powerful & Scalable RDP Servers

Secure, true-value virtual private server hosting powered by powerful servers & KVM virtualisation. Located in more than 10 locations worldwide.

Instant Activation

1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Subnet

160Gbps+ DDoS Protection

Network *
1 Core
1 Core
2 Core
3 Core
4 Core
6 Core
8 Core
16 Core

Easy-to-Use and Strong Control Panel

Experience the ease and power of our control panel, designed to empower businesses of all sizes. Streamline your hosting management, customize your environment, and enhance data security with our easy-to-use and powerful control panel.

Streamlined User Experience

Our control panel offers a seamless user experience, ensuring effortless navigation and management of your services. With a clean and user-friendly interface, you can easily find and oversee all aspects of your hosting environment.

Simplified Server Management

No matter your technical expertise, our control panel simplifies server management tasks. From deploying applications to configuring settings, you can effortlessly perform all standard operations with ease. Our intuitive controls put you in complete control of your hosting experience.

Customization at Your Fingertips

We understand that every business has unique requirements. Our control panel provides support for customizations, allowing you to tailor your hosting environment to meet your specific needs. Easily deploy custom ISOs or reach out to our support team for personalized assistance.

Robust Backup Solutions

Data security is important, which is why our control panel includes robust backup functionalities. Set up scheduled backups at your preferred intervals to safeguard your critical data. With our easy-to-use interface, ensuring the safety of your information has never been more convenient.

Benefits of Kuroit's RDP Hosting

Lightning-Fast Performance

With solid-state drives (SSDs) powering your VPS hosting, experience unmatched speed and performance.

Enhanced Data Security

SSD VPS Hosting offers enhanced data security compared to traditional hard drives.

Expert Technical Support

At Kuroit, we have a dedicated team of technical experts available 24/7 to provide comprehensive support for your SSD VPS Hosting.

High Reliability and Uptime

SSDs are known for their high reliability and durability. With fewer chances of mechanical failure, SSD VPS Hosting ensures maximum uptime for your website.

Efficient Data Access

SSDs offer faster data access and retrieval compared to traditional hard drives. This efficiency translates into improved read and writes speeds, faster database queries, and quicker application response times.

Advanced Virtualization Technology

Our SSD VPS Hosting utilizes cutting-edge virtualization technology to create isolated environments for your applications and websites.

Seamless Resource Allocation

SSD VPS Hosting allows for efficient resource allocation and management. Each VPS instance has its own dedicated resources.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

From server administration tasks to resource monitoring and application installations, our intuitive control panel simplifies the management and configuration of your hosting environment.

Improved Scalability

Our SSD VPS Hosting provides excellent scalability, allowing you to easily upgrade your resources as your website traffic and demands increase.

Available Windows OS

Contact us if you want manual or custom OS installation!

Above-Standard VPS Features

All our VPS hosting plans include

From shared hosting to elite business hosting, all of our VPS hosting plans are packed with industry-standard hosting apps and features.

Instant Activation

Your vps server is deployed within 60 seconds after the order is made.

Choice of Operating System

Install any Linux OS from our wide range of supported operating systems.

DDoS Protection

Every VPS server is behind a network shielded by Corero Always-On mitigation.

Powered by KVM

We use latest KVM (Kernal Based Virtual Machine) virtualisation technology.

24/7 Expert Support

We provide 24/7 support for your VPS and your web application as well.

No Contracts

No contracts or hidden charges - We offer clear and simple pricing.

Benefits of Using Kuroits Linux VPS Hosting

Choosing Linux VPS Hosting with Kuroit gives you plenty of benefits that can become the best choice for your business. For those looking to establish a brand new website or switch from their existing web hosting service provider, our Linux VPS Hosting UK and USA gives high performance and more control without letting you expend more.


Our flexible VPS plans are designed by keeping the requirements of businesses in mind, ensuring that they get all the needed resources without paying too much.

Dedicated Resources and IP Addresses

Get dedicated IP addresses and resources to manage your business with your own CPU, storage, space and bandwidth without sharing with others.

Economic Services

With our reliable Linux VPS hosting, you can get the best of both worlds: affordability and performance. Our pricing plans are designed in a flexible way to meet your needs and budget.

Great Speed

Our servers perform at lightning speed, increasing the life of your website. You can get started with a low-cost package or move up to the high-end options based on your needs.

Frequently asked questions:

SSD VPS Hosting can refer to Solid State Drive VPS Hosting Services, where the hosting provider uses an SSD disk instead of the traditional hard disk drive on their servers.
SSD uses flash memory data to store this improves read-write speed performance. Faster loading websites directly impact Google search engine results. Thus, websites hosted with SSD VPS hosting load faster. 

Yes, Kuroit’s SSD VPS Hosting is user-friendly and easy to use.

Users of Shared Hosting share the resources on the server of their websites. There is no guarantee with RAM/CPU with Shared Hosting. Whereas, VPS Hosting package provides you with all access to perform commands and make configuration changes to the hosting plans.
Our SSD VPS Hosting pricing starts from £2 per month with instant activation, 24*7 expert support, DDoS protection, custom ISO and much more.

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