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Shared Hosting in UK

High Performance Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting in UK

Kuroit provides supercharged, secured and reliable Shared Web Hosting in UK. Our hosting plans include offsite backups, a full email suite, and an easy-to-use control panel.



£1.25/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term



£6.95/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term



£6.95/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term



£12.50/mo with 3-year term

Free domain with 1-year term

All-In-One Shared Hosting Solution

Shared Web Hosting Features

Get benefits from quick website load times delivered by Kuroit's high-performance cloud.

Design Software Compatible

Our Shared Web Hosting provider fully supports all major web design software, like Adobe Dreamweaver, Apple iWeb, Microsoft Expression, Serif Web Plus, Webeasy Professional and Coffee Cup.

MySQL Databases

Kuroit provides you with lightning fast MySQL servers with no limit on database size or query rate. We include phpMyAdmin so you can manage your database with zero difficulties.

Cloudflare Integration

Kuroit is Cloudflare Optimised Partners- you can integrate your site with Cloudflare’s global network to give your website super fast speed and security.

PHP 5 to 8

We provide supercharged PHP processing. You can choose any PHP version you wish, from 5.2 to the latest PHP 8, and each major version in-between.

Fast FTP Uploads

Create limitless FTP accounts and upload from the software you want. Our FTP supports all FTP clients.

Our Best Shared Web Hosting Plans Include

We offer reliability with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, backed by an experienced support team that is available 24×7 for you.

Free Migration Service

Our developers will migrate your existing website quickly, seamlessly and free of charge. We'll switch your Shared Website Hosting to us within 24 hours.

1-Click Installer

Our Shared Web Hosting plans fully support WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more, with 1-Click Installatron Installer. Just fill in your info, click and install.

Lightning Fast Server

Kuroit provides you with a lightning-fast server for the fastest data transmission and processing power. Superfast page loads and quick email delivery can be yours in a flash.

Free SSL

We provide a dedicated SSL certificate to every single customer who orders our Shared Website Hosting plans, which enhances your website security. Enable secure connections for UK web hosts, and get a free SSL certificate.

Advantages of Using Shared Hosting

Let’s explore the advantages of Shared Hosting


Shared hosting is a less expensive and the most affordable solutions to host your website. Kuroit shared hosting plans starts from £2.00/mo.

Easy to Manage

With an easy-to-use control panel, shared hosting allows you to set up and manage websites easily.

Easy to Maintain

While technical aspects such as server maintenance, software updates and installation are handled by the web host, you are free to focus on other aspects of running your website.


As Kuroit offer flexible plans, you can be easily upgraded as your website grows, with more resources and features.


Shared Hosting Security

Kuroit has been delivering exceptional hosting and has developed a powerful hosting platform to make sure you get the very best performance from your hosting without a compromise in security.

Backup and restore

Automatic backups hold copies of data from your site. All aspects of your shared hosting package can be managed via our control panel. The result is an excellent performance of your website, even with heavy workloads.


Our Shared Hosting in UK includes advanced firewalling. If the system detects an attack, then it blocks them before they get off the ground.

Highly Secure Systems

All of our systems are secured to the highest standards of security. Our experts keep tracking the security systems, they actively address security spots and improve to prevent possible attacks.

Malware & Virus Scanning

Every file on your account is monitored 24x7 for changes. If we detect any malware or a virus, the file will automatically move to pending. Also, if any change is detected, then the file will get scanned.

Shared Web Hosting Services in UK

Email Hosting Features

Unlimited Standard Email

No need to buy a third-party email delivery service. Our servers are tuned to deliver emails properly without going to Spam/Junk folders. Our all Shared Web Hosting plans include unlimited email forwarders.

Control Panel

Control every aspect of your Shared Web hosting account using cPanel which appears as standard on all hosting accounts. From there you can create unlimited email accounts and forwarders you want. And you can easily manage catch-alls and blocking.

Desktop Email

You can sync your mail account with your preferred desktop email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac Mail. Also, we provide all the settings to make it easy for you.

Powerful Managed cPanel Hosting

Looking for something more than Shared Hosting? Fully managed cPanel hosting to satisfy the demanding needs of your custom business websites.

Managed cPanel Hosting Plans UK

Secure and Reliable Web Hosting

Choose the Best Shared Web Hosting Home for Your Website

Premium security, regular softwares updates and enterprise level applications are standard on all our servers and web hosting packages.


For balanced and dedicated CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits.


Easy-to-use control panel to manage your websites.

Cage FS

Protect your files and data with virtualised isolation system.


Provides complete protection against attacks and self-learning firewall.


6 times better performance than regular apache web server.

Higher I/O Resources

Reach maximum speed and performance with upto 60Mbps I/O.

Best Web Hosting in UK

Web Hosting Support By Pros

Why Kuroit for your Shared Web Hosting?

Whether you need a basic website or high demanding business app, our every plan is tailored to your specific needs with true value pricing.

No Setup Fee or Contracts

We don't charge hidden fees with any of our plans and don't ask for any contracts. You will pay for what you see.

24/7 UK Based Support

Our dedicated Shared Hosting UK support team works around the clock, including bank holidays.

True Value Pricing

Kuroit’s Web Hosting pricing remains the same year after year. You don't have to pay any extra renewal fees.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our hosting platform is designed for reliability and performance that’s why we offer a 99.9% network and uptime guarantee.

High-End Security

One of the key benefits of choosing Kuroit for your shared web hosting needs is security. We understand how important it is to keep your website secure, which is why we provide advanced security features to protect your website from potential threats. Our servers are regularly updated with the latest security patches and we also offer a free SSL certificate with all of our plans, ensuring your website is always encrypted and secure.

Fast Speed

In addition to security, we also prioritise speed. Slow-loading websites can be frustrating for both you and your customers. With Kuroit, you can rest assured that your website will be fast and reliable. We use state-of-the-art servers and caching technologies to ensure that your website loads quickly and smoothly.

Frequently asked questions:

Shared web hosting is one of the most common and most popular web hosting option where a web hosting provider hosts multiple websites on one web server, sharing the same resources with all of the websites.

Shared web hosting is usually the most economical yet provides customers with stable and reliable web hosting experience. Shared hosting is mostly regarded as the starting point for anyone starting their presence on the internet.

We offer four different shared hosting plans:
Shared Hosting – Starter
Shared Hosting – Basic
Shared Hosting – Pro
Shared Hosting – Maximum

Shared hosting does not require you to manage the entire server that you are hosted on. Also, it is the most affordable option when it comes to hosting.
Our shared hosting cost starts at £2 per month with free SSL, hourly and offsite backup, a full email suite and an easy to use control panel.
Yes, we include standard email in our Shared Hosting plan with unlimited email forwarders.
Yes, Our shared web hosting service comes with a shared SSL certificate for encryption when using cPanel to manage your website.

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