This isn’t a computer-generated record but a focused, human-composed report that consolidates your points and the dynamic factors in your commercial centre, to land at an arrangement to expand the income generated by your site.

Why put resources into an SEO review?

You may be selling on the web or simply have a brochure site from which you get new business enquiries. Whichever it is, your site will be not optimised to drive visitors to the exact pages to turn them into paying clients. Via completing a review we can identify shortages and suggest changes that will expand both visitor numbers and lift transformation rates.

What areas will we be covered?

Website design enhancement and AssessmentSEO is separated into two sections. Put basically, inner elements include the content, structure, and coding of your site. Whereas the external factors look at the connections coming into your site from different sites and web-based life stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Both internal and external elements should be done to get great levels of traffic from Google and other search engines.

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The SEO appraisal will take a look at both of these components, covering the following.

  • Evaluation of your site content, structure, inward linking, coding and meta information.
  • Detailed investigation of your current traffic, including how visitors are landing at your site and the search terms that they are using when being referred by search SEO Audit Report engines. Where do you rank for your most popular keywords? How does this compare with industry benchmarks?
  • Online opponent analysis: Who are you reasonably competing on the web and what keywords are they focusing on.
  • Keywords research: What are the keywords (search phrases) that you ought to focus on to expand traffic.
  • Recommendations: From the findings above, we will spread out a strategy with simple prioritised action focuses to help the ROI from your website.

What will you do to get your money?

  • A face-to-face meeting or phone call with your site supervisor to decide audit objectives and increase a background understanding of your organisation, your products and services and your target market.
  • A full written report covering the points laid out in the above segment.
  • Follow up meeting or phone call to address any enquiries you have following the report.

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