Marketing and Psychology might seem two very different lines of study. But when combined they can work miracles. Marketers have been leveraging the power of psychology to increase sales and grow their business for years. The most common form in which it exists is via the placement of a product, its colour, its packaging and so on.

Most of the time consumers fail to properly identify their needs. Which hinders all the successive buying steps, such as evaluating available alternatives and choosing the best one. It’s the job of a marketer to properly place a product in front of potential consumers before they feel the need to buy it. And to do that, psychology is a powerful tool. By building social proof on your website, you will have the opportunity to play with your client’s psychology and influence them to decide to grow your business.


Reviews are integral for any kind of website whether it is of eCommerce or web development or any other. Adding reviews to your product pages boosts conversion rates. A study conducted that consumers read reviews before they purchased something online and that’s true.

Authentic reviews signal to consumers that others have used your services and that has worked for them. Showing reviews from real people, and including negative reviews, build trust as well.

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Optimise for mobile

This goes beyond responsive design (which is a search-engine requirement anyway). Mobile optimisation means presenting users with an easy-to-use interface on their mobile device. Delivering key content and action points conveniently, and speeding up the process, will help more customers make purchases.

Speed up checkouts

Online shoppers, and especially those on mobile devices, are impatient. Any hiccups in the checkout process risk losing a sale. Set up the checkout process to be as fast and convenient as possible for customers.

Attract the right traffic

More traffic to your site is a good thing. But you can maximise sales performance if the people who are visiting your site are already interested in your type of product. Don’t forget that your content and marketing efforts should be focused on attracting the right kind of customer – one who is already interested.

Guide your customers

Simplicity is key. Design your site highly responsive and the content, highly engaging. Use keywords like call-to-action, get in touch, contact us etc to guide users toward the purchase phase.

Update email campaigns

Automation is your best friend when it comes to email marketing. However, you don’t want to let those autoresponders and drip campaigns get stagnant.

Update them with new information, data points, and more. Make sure you’re segmenting your list perfectly based on where subscribers sit in the sales funnel.


Lead generation isn’t a one-and-done thing. To improve conversion rates, you need to observe what’s working, and constantly improve and update your content assets so they resonate with your audience. Now, ensure that these all points are on your to-do list every month so you keep your conversion rates top of mind.

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